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    ipad 2 internet tethering
    hi I have an ipad 2 and a iphone 3g , i am using the iphone as we speak to browse the net via bluetooth with my mac book pro , why can`t i do this with my ipad and my 3g iphone?

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    You don't say whether you have a 3G iPad or not, so I can't give you an answer.

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    He wants to do it with his iPad and iPhone so I'd guess he want's to use the internet connection on the phone.

    iPads can only connect over wifi when tethered.

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    I understood his question to be "if I can tether FROM my iPhone TO my iPad (via Bluetooth), how come I can't tether FROM my iPad TO my iPhone the same way?"

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    I don't know if the option is there on the 3g but on the 4g if you want to pay for it personal Hot Spot can be set up.

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    Personal Hotspot works with 3G as well. I have an iPhone 4 (which doesn't do 4G) and the option is there. It is not present on my (wi-fi) iPad 1 of course.

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