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Thread: 3G prepaid for travel in U.S.?

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    3G prepaid for travel in U.S.?
    Next month we will be driving from Ontario (Canada) to Boston Mass. for several days then wend our way to New Jersey before getting on a cruise. I was hoping to buy a one month prepaid microSIM card in the U.S. to use during my travels prior to the cruise.
    First off, is there such an option with I guess it would be AT&T?? I have a 3G iPad 2 but have yet to use the 3G on it. I am wanting this to keep in touch with my son who will not be travelling with us. Want to keep close tabs with him so that he and his friends (parties etc.) don't destroy the house before we return!
    If not AT&T, which other companies? Where would I go to purchase such a microSIM prepaid card? Is there an activation fee and how much are these prepaid cards? I would likely only need to prepay for 1 month of 3G.
    Lastly if such prepaid options exist, are any of them good for travelling or are they location based? I do not want to have to worry about connecting to the provider long distance.
    Thanks for any help,

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    I'm not so sure that keeping tabs on your son via an ipad while thousands of miles away will prevent parties.
    However, I use the 3g with my ipad but I'm from the states. I don't know what kind of plans they have in Canada but I can pay monthly. I have Verizon. I would contact your carrier and ask about roaming charges before I sign up.
    Enjoy your trip and don't worry too much about what's going on at home.

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