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    Need advice on buy iPad in one country to use in another
    A friend from the U.S. wants to give me a gift of an iPad2 when he comes to visit in a few weeks. I live in France. He wants to buy me (and I want to own) the model with WiFi + 3G, which I gather requires choosing either the AT&T or the Verizon-compatible version. I am told (by someone who got a similar gift) that one of these versions allows you to install a foreign chip from my French phone carrier so I can get 3G locally, but this person didn't know which one. Can someone help so I can have my American buddy buy the right version to bring over. Thanks.

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    The AT&T version is the one you would probably want since AT&T is the only iPad 3G provider\carrier that currently uses GSM which is very popular in Europe. The Verizon version uses CDMA which is not as popular throughout the world.

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    I am in a different situation but kind of similar. i am going on business in a few weeks to China. Do you know if I can bring my iPad with me and receive 3G???? Just hoping someone might have experience in working over there.

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