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macguy712 06-10-2011 02:33 AM

Need Help Please
Ok so I am about to buy a tablet without the test week or so and I really need help deciding on the iPad2 or the Asus Transformer. The only reason I am even considering anything besides the iPad is because expandable memory is something I really need. Is there any proven way out there to hook up a sd car or flash drive to read and write information to it?

IvanLasston 06-10-2011 05:10 PM

What are you planning to put on the drive? For movies/video and photos the camera kit for the iPad will do what you need. If it is general purpose files, then that isn't officially supported yet.

BrianLachoreVPI 06-10-2011 05:43 PM

Here you go. I posted this in another thread a while back - but that thread died unceremoniously.

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive does USB on one end, 30-pin dock connector on the other -- Engadget

This should bring the capability you, and a lot of others, are looking for. Says available in June. Haven't looked to see if it's out yet.

macguy712 06-10-2011 05:58 PM

I need it mostly for powerpoints, but who know's what else I would need down the road. But the camera kit, will allow me to import and export video and pictures, via sd card, correct?

And that adapter is cool if you have a 64gb and then need more memory. But if you're going with the 16gb and then you buy a 8gb adapter for a 100 bucks, that costs just as much as buy a 32gb. Ahh i dont know, I still really need to think hard about this. Has anyone here ever messed around with the transformer?

macguy712 06-13-2011 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by chas_m (Post 1251959)
Hang on -- you need more than 64GB of storage for *powerpoint presentations*??

Uh, no, you don't actually.

Yeah you're right....hang on -- I said I was only considering the 16gb model right now and considering that each one of my ppts. are about 80mb in size and we cover about 30 powerpoints a semester in about 3 classes, so that would put me at about 6gb just for my *powerpoint presentations*. Add music, videos, and apps, I think I'd get pretty close to the capacity limit.

macguy712 06-14-2011 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by chas_m (Post 1252423)
Maybe. You'd be surprised how much stuff you can fit in 16GB if you're willing to give up trying to have EVERY photo, video or song you've ever owned all in one device.

I went for the 32GB iPad when I bought mine, but even after loading it up with plenty of all of the above, I still have 10GB left.

Ya I'm going to go ahead and get both and see which I like better. And just keep my pics and movies on a sd card...I'm going to try to save the ppts as jpegs and see if I can make them any smaller and just use the camera connection kit...

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