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    invisible shield nightmare
    I bought an invisible shield and tried putting it on using the instructions. I was aware beforehand that the holes don't align, so I was prepared. However, I just can't get that thing on. After what I thought was a successful attempt, I saw a speck of dust underneath it, and had to once again peal it off, getting (dog) hairs stuck to the adhesive side.

    I spent a gift card on that $35 monstrosity! Any suggestions. right now it's just sticking to the piece of cardstock that came with the thing.

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    Don't feel alone

    If possible take it to a dealer and have them install it - usually $10.
    If not - go get a pile of the spray - and use triple what you think you need to install it. Secondly - if you have a lot of dust - go to a bathroom with a shower - turn the water hot all the way up - wait for it to get steamy - then do the install.

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    There is another trick for removing dust or fibers from the cover. Use scotch tape, just hold both ends in one hand making the tape strip in the shape of a "U" and apple the tape to the dust to grab it.

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    I have had no success with these stick on covers at all. More must have spent about ú30 (uk) and they are all the same.

    More expensive stuff is available, and I guess that's the way to go. No matter how careful I am, I always get it wrong. For now my ipad is in its leather case with an anti static cloth protecting the screen.

    Would like to use my smart cover more, but without screen protection, it's a risk!

    Ipad 2 64 GB Wifi

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    it's trashed now just too many hairs, and now paper crud on it. Is there another protector I can use that isn't so hard to align and put on etc.

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    All the stick on protectors will more than likely have the same level of difficulty (which isn't that high).. .

    I installed my invisible shield a couple of nights ago. It was somewhat challenging but once i took my time it wasn't that bad.
    If your install area is that dusty and hairs are all over the place - find another spot to install.

    Also, if you think it's gonna come out perfect - be prepared for a LONG night & a bunch of protectors to go in the trash before to get it just right.
    I was inspecting my cover a few minutes ago and can see a little dust particle on one of the edges - i'm happy to live with it..

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    Also, as someone else suggested - you can have the store 'professionally install' it

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