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stephenthonglor 06-05-2011 11:13 PM

dvd to ipad conversion on macbook pro
can someone help me as im not computer "savvy"

i have macbook pro and ive just bought an ipad2

is there any dvd to ipad converter software that works on mac that can rip encrypted dvd movies? i think not?

it seems i can only rip movies that i have copys of..originals dont seem to copy..has apple put software in my computer to stop this..i dont want to download movies from itunes store because they dont have movies i want

also i used handbrake for copys..but the file size for ipad is enormous compared to ipod touch..example "Dial m for murder" is only 650MB for itouch but a whopping 2.1GB for ipad
any suggestions here?


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