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Thread: Should I get an iPad?

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    May 17, 2011
    Should I get an iPad?
    Hi. I have an iMac 27 and an iPod touch - the older generation with no camera. Anyway, I was skeptical of getting an iPad but when the iPad 2 came out and with the addition of more features like the camera & smart cover and size it seems like a better buy.

    I want an iPad because it's portable and I don't have a laptop. But I'm also interesting in filmmaking and have been considering getting the Canon Vixia, a camcorder that records in 1080p HD for about $600-700. But I'm also considering the iPad. I know that the HD is only 720p, but it has so many functions and it would be nice to have a mobile device.

    I would like some opinions on getting the iPad vs. the camcorder in general, and a few other things:

    --Is 3G worth it? And if so, what carrier is the best? And how much storage would you say is enough?

    --How much iPad storage do you think I should get? And also, is there any way to use an external hard drive with an iPad?

    --Smart covers?? Is that worth it, and are other extras worth it?

    --Do you recommend getting a keyboard, or is the digital keyboard good enough? I plan do do a little bit of writing and journaling.

    And if you have any other tips that would be great!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Feb 05, 2011
    I have a gen1 iPad, so I can't comment about the camera. My instinct tells me that you'd be happier with the video camera... but a lot of people are happy with iPhone video, so who knows.

    YES!!! Get the 3G. You'll regret not getting it at some point. I am lucky enough to have the unlimited AT&T data plan on mine, and I don't know what I'd do without it. I watch NetFlix, use the GPS, surf the web, send/rec email, etc... and I don't want to have to be in wifi range to do it. Not only that, but occasionally the cable internet goes out for hours at a time at home, and I can just hop on the iPad and surf the web on 3G. This even happened at work (internet was out all day), and I was able to process credit cards on the iPad, as well as check our internet sales. The only thing I couldn't do was print up the orders (AirPrint wasn't out yet).

    As far as the memory, I have the 32 gig and I am not even close to filling it up. I have never removed something to make room. however, I don't keep gobs of music on my iPad, since I do have an iPod and an iPhone. I probably only have 5 or 6 gigs of music on it. Also have a few movies that I haven't taken off yet. I think I'm still under 20 gigs. I could make due with a 16 gig model, but I'd have to take movies off after I watch them.

    I'll put it this way... I'd rather have a 16 gig 3G than a 32 gig wifi model... but I went with both.

    If you are going to write a lot, get the wireless keyboard. I don't recommend a docking keyboard, as most of them require you to use the iPad in portrait mode, which seems annoying to me. I have the Apple wireless keyboard (using it now on the Mini), and I used to use it with the iPad a lot, but I just don't type all that much with it. If it did, I'd take the keyboard with me more often.

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    For the record, an iPhone nor and iPad will record quality 720 video because the lens is the weak link. If video quality is a must for you, you're not going to get it with anything other than a high quality camera. Other than that, if you just looking to shot some amateur footage, you will probably be most satisfied with the ipad.

    Or you could check something like this out. ALMLive | Shoot-Edit-Upload

    A buddy of mine has this product, and the videos and photos come out pretty nice.

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    Without considering the video, because I dont use it, I really like the iPad for traveling. I do a lot of international travel and like the battery life, tv show on the airplane, and internet and email capabilities.

    I thought it would just be a bigger iPhonr 4, but it really isn't. I've only had it for a week, but I really like it.
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    If you are considering an iPad for video creation...don't. If you are a hobbyist or aspiring filmmaker you will be miserable after one day relying on an iPad as your video source. You will have zero control over any focus, exposure, frame rate, shutter speed, iso, etc... It is also useless in low-light...not to mention exceptionally awkward to handle for anything serious...just my 2 cents.

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    May 17, 2011
    Thanks for the advice everyone, it's really helpful. Yeah, I think I'll probably go for the camcorder.

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    May 18, 2011
    the iPad is a great media consumption device; it's not that great at video capture and editing.

    I wouldn't rely on it solely for your needs

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    Yes, you should absolutely buy an iPad 2! But only get the 3G version (which costs $120 more) if you really won't be in WiFi areas very often.
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    On the camcorder - have you researched using it with a Mac? I ask because most canon hd camcorders put out mts - avchd format. If you have an editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro then you will have no problems ( especially with a fast iMac). I think iMovie will import from camcorder but you can't just copy the movies to your hard drive. I believe it is the same for final cut but I don't have that program.
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    How to import MTS files in Final Cut Pro 6?
    But search for avchd apple or mts apple to get an idea.
    Adobe Premiere and Bridge work great with my Canon camera - but it isn't cheap.

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    I wouldn't spend the extra for 3g . . . by the end of the year both AT&T and Verizon will likely allow tethering for a decent price, allowing your phone to be a wifi hotspot for your iPad (you could even buy a mifi device separately from, say, Verizon to run your iPad, laptop, etc., even if your voice plan is with AT&T.

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