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    Ipad as a graphics (Wacom-like) Tablet.?
    Hi, does any one know if there is any thing that could make a ipad into a graphics input device like the Wacom tablet..??

    wacom make a LCD tablet input device that is staggeringly expensive in Australia.

    I though such a use would be great for an Ipad.

    regards, Sandy

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    I own the wacom tablet. Don't ever use it

    But I doubt you could do it with all the security restrictions. You can always find an app to draw on the ipad, but I doubt you can get it to track a pen tablet and get it to input into the computer.

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    There are apps to turn the iPad into a giant trackpad, and if you got a stylus for it, you might be able to do it. Not sure how well it'd compare to a Wacom though.
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