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    Tethering an Android 2.1 with an iPad2
    Hi all,

    I have a LG Ally that runs Android 2.1 and a brand new iPad2 Wi-Fi ONLY I just bought.

    I would like to use my data plan on my Android phone to surf on the internet on my iPad2.

    Is this possible? I heard of a an Android app called PDAnet but I am not sure I can use it to connect my Android 2.1 with the iPad2 via a DUN connection. Any clue?


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    I use PDAnet to tether my Macbook through my Thunderbolt, and previously a Droid X. I don't know why it wouldn't work with an iPad. There is a trial version, so it won't cost anything to find out. There is also EasyTether and a new one I've heard of called Klink, both of which are cheaper than PDAnet, but I haven't used them.

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    I use PDANet to tether my MBP to my Droid (original). Used it for well over a year now, works great, every time. Especially handy when our Comcraptastic Cable is out...

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