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    Quote Originally Posted by PirateGal View Post
    Anyone have an opinion on these cases?

    Incipio Smart Feather vs. Marware Microshell vs. Enki Genius

    I have the iPad 2 with the Smart Cover, but I'm looking to protect the back.

    So I've been looking and was thinking about the Incipio Smart Feather but I want something that protects the iPad and frankly after seeing the damage the smart covers do to ipads, i want something that protects all the ipad. The smart feather has a gap for the smart cover to connect.

    I could use a gelaskin which I already have but im now wondering if i can find an entire case with the smart cover functionality but which encompasses the entire ipad2.
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    What damage does the Smart Cover do? Are you referring to the fact that the Smart Cover only protects the front and, without additional protection, allows the back of the iPad to get scratched?

    I had settled on the Enki case, but after seeing all the problems people are having with them (sharp edges, no cutout for the microphone, etc.), I ended up getting a knockoff on eBay. I'm very happy with it, actually.

    Had it been ready to ship when I needed it, I probably would have purchased the SmartGrip 2 by The Joy Factory.

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    I just received my Otter Box Defender case on Thursday. There is a noticeable difference in the added weight, but it seems to be much easier to handle now. I don't feel like it's going to slip out of my hands easily, and if it does, I'm not quite as worried about breaking it.

    It came with a screen cover, but I haven't put it on yet. Mainly because I'm paranoid that I won't be able to get all of the bubbles out.

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    iPad 2 Case
    I am already using the smart cover for the iPad 2. However the lower part is still exposed and susceptible to scratches. Is it a good idea to use a file type covers (like the iPad 1 type). I live in a warm and humid place. Hope it does not get fried if covered by a leather/polyurethane file case? Let me know your opinions and options for a suitable case? Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts...

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    Asked and answered in your other thread.

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    stands for iPad
    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forums but hoping you can steer me in the right direction...
    I'm after a stand for my iPad 2... I want somewhere to display it on my desk in the office so I can use it for emails etc.
    Any ideas?
    (Sorry if this is in the wrong place..!)


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    They say that a picture paints a thousand words.
    Here's mine in white leather (may not be real leather but it looks and feels good) that I got from eBay for 5.99 inclusive of P&P

    It goes well with the white iPad 2, I think.
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    Case for iPad2...
    Ill be getting an iPad2 soon, anyhow I am torn between two cases.. and from reading reviews it sounds as if I cant go wrong with either one..

    1) Toblino 2
    2) Marware CEO

    Just wondering what you all think...


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    Currently I am using a reusable screen protector pack to cover up the screen from dust and smudges. So far i have used numerous cheap screen protector for my previous ipad but after using those cheap screen protectors their gluey adhesive substance used to make ipads display dirty and sticky which used to annoy me a lot. Well now a days many cheap screen protectors are available which affects the screen and its touch sensitivity after applying them on the screen hence should opt for nice quality screen protectors.

    The good thing abt reusable screen protector is as the name suggest it can be used over and over again without adhesive layer getting ineffective over time and until now I used only one sheet which i applied slowly along the diagonal with a credit card to eliminate trapped air, peel-back occasionally in case of any air bubble and fingerprints on the adhesive side.

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    iFrogz Summit cover for iPad2 is awesome!
    After about of week of online shopping and reading reviews and watching YouTube reviews of iPad2 covers, I settled on the Summit from iFrogz.

    Wow, totally in love with this cover. I've used it now for about 5 days worth of commuting and using it in various situations, and I am thrilled with the purchase.

    I wanted something to protect both the front and back of my iPad2, feel substantial and solid, but not overly heavy or bulky like some of the more "book-style" covers. This to me is the perfect mix of size, weight and feel.

    I chose black because I wanted a very professional binder-like look and something I can carry around to meetings that somewhat conceals the fact that it is an iPad, looks like a business binder, and works well when using the stand, etc

    The tilt/stand feature is excellent on this cover. It has 3 positions / slots and a velcro closure that releases the iPad back shell from the outer cover when utilizing the landscape-mode stand. I find the middle position to be perfect for typing, and the first position (most upright) to be idea for viewing videos or TV or whatever. The fold-over option is great for on the train reading of iBooks, email browsing etc and isnt too "mushy" when folded over being used this way. Theres a fourth "unadvertised" position with the stand where no slot is used and the iPad is left to fully collapse down onto the cover, but I personally dont find that useful, and difficult to type on because the iPad tends to wobble in this position.

    The Smart technology works great and the magnets wake/sleep the iPad2 as advertised. The inside of the cover is a very nice soft felt material that is great to rest your wrists on when typing.

    Anyone looking for a cover that does both front and back protection and great stand functionality, should check this cover out
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    Skin for the smart cover
    Hello everyone.

    I want to know if someone here has bought a skin for the smart cover?

    I was looking for something to put on my smart cover that will protect it and at the same time will have a cool design. After some research I found a website called macovers. It has some designs and they look cool, but I want to know some reviews from anyone here.


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    using a screen protector
    I got a question for you guys using a screen protector: how can you do it? No matter how hard I try, there are always bubbles in between the protector and the screen. I can manage to put an iPhone screen protector on, but for iPad, just forget it.

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    Smart Cover
    I had my iPad 2 for a little while. I didn't buy the smart cover, cause I don't know why we need to close it with a cover while it's not covering the back. I bought something for about $25 that covers the whole iPad back, with a cover that looks and function just as an iPad 2.

    I know I'm not a die hard apple fan, but I started to like more and more of all the apple product, so I'm starting to rethink if I should get a smart cover. I know Apple pays a lot of money to design that cover, and choose those colors.

    Could someone tell me about your experience with the iPad 2 smart cover? Thanks in advance.

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    Recommend a Case
    I'm having real trouble finding a suitable case for my iPad, does anyone have any recommendations or should I just get the Apple Smart Cover. If I go with the smart cover it would be the black leather one. Things to take into consideration:

    - Ships to the UK
    - I have three children aged 5, 3 and 1 so needs to be protective.
    - I want to use it with the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard so needs to stand horizontally at a comfortable viewing angle.
    - Preferably black and professional looking, I will sometimes need to use it for meetings.

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