Buying my iPad 2 as soon as they accept orders online...(patiently waiting...). I have 3 questions I am hoping someone can answer...

1. Anyone know if I buy mine with the Telus micro sim but they change their iPad plan or the service sucks can I just buy a micro sim for Rogers and it will work once it is popped in? Just wondering if once you activate with a prepaid monthly plan does it install software to prevent you from switching carriers? I think from what I have read that maybe they don't but I was hoping to be sure before I actually activate a data plan.

2. Just wanting confirmation if I am understanding Rogers correctly. I have a 6gb data plan on my iPhone that I never go over 1gb on. In order to 'share' this 6gb with my iPad, I have to pay a $30 monthly fee to do this I have heard. Is this a 'contract' item or can you go month to month or prepaid (same thing) with it?

3. Right now all my services are with Rogers but there is incentive to add the iPad service onto all my others with them. Telus data plans are more appealing to me and they claim 4G service, whereas Rogers has 3.5G apparently. Any comments regarding the quality of service among these two?