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Thread: Back protection for iPad2- plastic film

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    Back protection for iPad2- plastic film
    Just thinking about protection for the other side of the unit, as the smartcover seems fine for the front- only.
    My daughter covers her school books with a ultra-durable type of cling film from the stationary store. Has anyone tried anything like this, or are there any commercial low profile alternatives?

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    A really popular option is Zagg Invisible Shield, which is specifically designed for the iPad. It can start to lift at the edges and corners over time, but when it's new, it works well.
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    Or check out the Grove skins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    Or check out the Grove skins.
    Pretty sure this groove skin is what I'm getting. I really want somthing that works with the smart cover. And I really like these better than the extremely odd feeling zag skins
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    While you are waiting for your protection to arrive, do what I did with my iPhone 4 before my Invisible Shield arrived. I just used kitchen plastic wrap, like Saran or whatever brand you use. The clingy one worked best as it stuck on there and no one noticed it unless I pointed it out to them. It kept it free from scratches and fingerprints and was very inexpensive!

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    But isn't the Zagg only for the wi-fi model. Not for the 3G?

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    I just placed an order for a pretty cool ( IMO ) skin for my iPad 2 made out of 3M product.

    Skins for iPad 2 | GelaSkins

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    Weird. People have a $3000 laptop and the only cover/protection is in case used for transporation not during use. But for $200-$900 items we freak over cases for use?

    These are beautiful items. Cases remind me of the 50's and 60's when people put ugly plastic covers on good looking furniture.

    I think the whole concept of the smart cover was that covers were destroying look and feel of iPads.

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