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    Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

    I am going to buy the iPad 2 when it is released in the UK next week and I also want to get a wireless keyboard to use with it.

    However, after buying the iPad 2 I definitely won't have another 60 or whatever to spend on an Apple wireless keyboard.

    Will any old wireless keyboard work with it or will it have to be an Apple wireless keyboard??

    Any known cheaper alternatives?


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    My understanding is that the Apple wireless keyboard was specifically designed for the iPad. I realize that 60 is a lot to pay for it, but it may be that other less expensive wireless keyboards will not work correctly.

    Why don't you hang on for a bit and wait to see what third party resellers have to offer? There's a myriad of accessories that are being made available for the iPad 2 every week. And who knows, you may get used to the on screen keyboard and decide you don't need an external.

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    Ye, that's good advice. I'm sure the on screen keyboard will suffice for a few weeks/months to see what else is out there.


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    I have the onscreen on my iPhone 4. I like the tactile feel of a screen like the slide out qwerty LG phone I used to have. But aside from that maybe the larger keys on the onscreen on the iPad will make it ok to use without a bluetooth keyboard?

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    uPlay(TM) Wireless Keyboard and Aluminum Case for iPad 2

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    There are loads (and loads, and loads) of third-party Bluetooth keyboards that have all the iPad-particular function keys (like Home) and such at almost any price point you care to name that's more than $20 and less than $200.

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