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    Question Missing Accesorie
    I got an iPad in BestBuy (Open Item) and it was missing the USB cord but not the adapter, and i found a USB and i plugged it in the Adapter but it takes to long for me to even get enough battery to turn it on, is there a way to know if the USB is compatible with the iPad, i know that when the iPad is on you can but what about when its charging with no battery can you tell?

    And is it true that if it is new it takes longer for it to charge?

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    If the box was open and the cable was missing, I would be curious if the power adaptor was swapped out too. The iPad power brick is a 10 watt max as opposed to the normal iPhone/iPod adapter which is 5 watts. I'm not sure how they are labeled, but that would be my first guess.

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