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    Happy iPad 2 Eve!!!
    Wow, I wish I were able to buy from the US site tonight. I am so jealous of you all. I noticed "Garageband" app is now on itunes ready for purchase. But what's the point when all I can do is look at the pic of the app in itunes until March 25th - or more accurately 1-2? weeks from then?

    I am not a very patient person. When I decide I want something - I want it now! I decided I wanted an iPad 2 months or more ago, but as I continued to research it of course learned that iPad-2 was imminent. So of course I had to be patient. Now it's two weeks away and it's killing me!!!!!

    On the bright side, I guess I will know more about it and some of it's accessories in the next 2 weeks. There will of course be reviews posted and some of them possibly from people on this site?

    Happy iPad 2 Eve U.S. !!

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    Thank you! We will enjoy it tremendously for you, we can even post pictures of the new iPad and goodies to help with the wait.

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