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Thread: Italy?

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    Question Italy?
    Hi! Does anyone know if I am able to purchase a 3G iPad 2 in Italy, without a SIM card, to use in Canada?

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    The iPad 2 will be released in Italy on the 25th March, you will be able to use it in Canada no problem if you get the Wifi only version. Not too sure about using the 3G version in a different country although I think Apple ships them factory unlocked. Also beware that customs may want to charge you some sort of fee to bring it into Canada.

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    The iPad 3G is unlocked so I imagine the ipad 2 will be the same. Get the gsm and make sure the carrier u want to use can utilize the micro sim and your golden.
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    Hi! I'll be travelling to Milan between 01 and 05 April.
    Do you think I will be able to buy an iPad 2 during that period?
    Do you have anyh idea where it will be available in Milan (shops, addresses etc) many thanks

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