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Thread: 1 Big Reason Why iPad 2 SUCKS & So Does Apple...

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    Question 1 Big Reason Why iPad 2 SUCKS & So Does Apple...
    Ok first thing...this is not my post, and if you want my take on it holds no fact and is an extremely hypocritical and biased argument. I've never even met an Apple fanboy this hardcore on one side with such anger towards "the other side".

    Seriously, I wanna hear yalls thoughts. I'm actually going to post this on an android forum to hear their opinions as well.

    1 BIG Reason Why iPad 2 Sucks and So Does Apple | Michael Priceless

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    he hasnt really got a point.

    at one point he says "so it has a camera, big deal"

    yes it is a big deal! its got a camera. this is a reason someone would buy one.

    if he doesnt like it, he shouldnt buy it. there is no reason to start blogging about how it "sucks". he should just go and buy a different tablet, or just dont buy one at all! and this goes for mac users complaining about windows too.
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    One big fat rant…with no clear point.

    Move on, there is nothing important here.
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    Hahaha! What a tool!

    To that post I say "I have a 30GB iPod (displays photos and plays videos) that is 5+ yrs old and I still use it at least once or twice a week! It works perfectly, has scratches on the metallic back (big deal), and holds more music/video than my iPhone 4 is capable of. I've never replaced it and don't intend on EVER buying another iPod of any kind for as long as my old one works and as long as I have a smartphone capable of playing/storing music, videos, etc. I will keep my iPad until version 3 comes out (maybe even longer than that). I might sell it, I might keep it as an additional device that will get plenty of use."
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    Um. He's not a very bright person. That was the most hokey and poorly written piece of drivel ever. No thought went into his notions, as he contradicts himself a LOT. Biggest example is comparing Apple to Socialists, yet in the end claims their business practices are despicable since they want to release a new product every year in a very "Capitalist" fashion.

    OMG, I want to slap this guy. Secondly, if you take up the mentality that you shouldn't buy the latest and greatest because something new will be coming out around the corner, then it will NEVER be the right time to buy ANYTHING. This applies to everything in life, and not just Apple products. Christ on a pony... this applies to Android devices, yet they release products constantly, and not just on a yearly basis!

    I hate this guy, just for the fact that he's a dummy. Man... it's just sad that anybody with a computer is able to blog about stupid things. Where are the thought police when you need them !


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    I've moved your post to a more proper forum; please be sure to check the forum descriptions in the future to find the best place to post.

    By posting in the right forum you help people not only find your question faster, but it helps others looking for the same information in the future.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    Apple, socialist?
    I wish some people would take 5 minutes to study up on what socialism is.

    Apple is a multi billion dollar free Market American corporation, the exact opposite of a socialist enterprise.

    I don't think a company like apple, google, or microsoft could ever come out of a socialist system. It's part of an open market system, and the pc revolution was one of the many reasons why the old ussr fell behind and why the openess of the Internet, another western invention, is causing so many young people in the middle east to demand an end to the old ways.
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    I never figured out how people can generate a hatred for a company that has given the world such wonderful products and they have a choice if they don't like it don't buy it. I thought that business was geared to bring about new models each year to keep profits
    up and share holders happy not to mention consummers with a means to upgrade. Maybe
    business and economics are not being taught the same way since I left school in the 70's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osxx View Post
    I never figured out how people can generate a hatred for a company that has given the world such wonderful products and they have a choice if they don't like it don't buy it.
    Same reason some people on this board bash Microsoft every chance they get. Ignorance.
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    He chose buzz words and words that would anger people. He did it in a very specific fashion. But if you look at his comments section - you cannot fire back with the same vehemence. Anyway - he is doing that to generate buzz so one can choose to ignore the way he states things.

    I guess I could summarize his points as
    1 - Apple Makes cool stuff but I hate having to buy new stuff every year (Android does the same thing)
    2 - Android is somehow open because it is a conglomeration of companies so it is better because it causes competition.
    3 - Tech Specs are important to Apple "Fanboys" - "My big beef with Apple as opposed to Android on this issue is that Apple fans fall for the “tech specs” so hopelessly as if it really matters."

    So 1 - he already admits every tablet maker wants you to upgrade as often as possible
    2 - This is where he looses his argument. Android and their proponents have to watch very carefully their tech specs to see if they can run apps they want. Most Apps need to be built multiple times to run on different android devices/hardware.
    3 - See number 2. And in all honesty after moving to Macs and iOS devices I am much less concerned about tech specs than ever before. My hardware seems to take a much longer time to become less effective than my PC hardware.

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    "Who cares".

    His favorite unintelligent quote
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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb View Post
    Same reason some people on this board bash Microsoft every chance they get. Ignorance.
    Aah! But ignorance is bliss.

    Therefore, logically:

    Bashing Microsoft=Happiness
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    I would like like to get that iWHATEVER he keeps talking about
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    I really hate this kind of thing, it serves no purpose (other than getting us to talk about his mindless topic).
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    I sympathize with the Author
    I seldom post in online forums, but my feelings on this matter are so strong that I feel compelled to share my thoughts in a public arena. For any sector of the electronic market in which Apple participates, I highly prefer to use an Apple product over a non-Apple product. That being said, I do not believe Apple is an angel on earth. First, I have encountered technical malfunctions on numerous occasions (the cords on Macbook AC power adapter are not nearly as durable as they could be). Second, Apple could be much more innovative than it already is, expanding more aggressively into more diverse sectors of the energy market. Third and most importantly, it is their frequent lack of business ethics and compassion for their loyal customers.

    Ex 1: Expiration of Boot Camp on Tiger

    Boot Camp was first introduced on Tiger with the introduction of intel-based Macs. Shortly after Leopard was released, an internal timer program in all Tiger systems forced Boot Camp to expire. As far as I can see, Apple had no technical reasons to do this, after all, how does the introduction of a new OS put an older OS at risk by using a certain software. The only explanation is that Apple decided to forcefully persuade Tiger users to cough out their hard earned wages to pay for a OS that they perhaps did not need. This constitutes a deliberate of force to coerce loyal customers who already paid for a Apple OS to abandon their well functioning product in vain.

    Ex 2: Ipad 2 Camera Functionality

    The first thing I thought when I first saw the Ipad 1 was, "where is the camera?" I second thing I thought of was the answer to my question. Digital cameras have been producible for about 2 decades, cellular telephones have been equipped with cameras and video cameras for numerous years, and Apple's own Iphone came equipped with a camera/video camera about 3 years ago. It is thus abundantly clear that the technology required to equip mobile devices with digital photography equipment has existed for a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, although I have not investigated the patent situation of such equipment, it also appears that Apple does not face intellectual property issues in equipping their mobile devices with cameras. There, it appears that Apple faced no impediment to equipping Ipad1 with a camera. So, why didn't they?

    From the evidence, the only logical conclusion is that Apple deliberately held back photographic functionality from use in the Ipad.The reason? The reason is also abundantly clear, and is also quite consistent with the conclusions drawn (although certainly not eloquently) by the Author of the contested article in question: Apple deliberately deprived Ipad1 of photographic functionality so as to fool Ipad1 purchasers into once again paying for Ipad2. Apple reaps pure profit from this scheme, since the manufactures probably carried out very little retooling to add the new functions. In fact, it must be so, because the retail price of Ipad2 is about the same as Ipad1.

    Hence my conclusion. The release of Ipad2 is by no doubt a pure marketing HOAX. There is no functionality in Ipad2 that Ipad1 could not have already possessed. Ipad2 is produced simply to Ipad1 purchasers, and more importantly force loyal Apple customers, into paying double the amount that an honest company would require of them. This is an insidious scheme on the part of Apple and must not e overlooked. People reward Apple with their wages, and how does Apple repay them? - by ripping them off with marketing schemes.

    The reason why I am so passionate about this issue is because I am also an ardent Apple fan, as I made clear in the beginning of this note. Apple has revolutionized the areas of personal computing and design. It has put beautiful and powerful computing devices in the hands of people who probably did not even use to like computers. For that, I love Apple. And that is why it makes me so angry to see the miraculous company resorting to the base tactics that only lesser people would normally resort to. Instead of tricking people into buying its products, Apple ought to sell products on the pure principle of giving its customer the best product available. Instead of pouring millions into 'genius' marketing firms that come up with these amazing hoaxes, Apple ought to focus on what it does best - making the most beautiful and humanized computing devices ever known to man! It is a sad story, it really is.

    On the other hand, Apple does not deserve all the blame, it is also we, the Consumers. We weak-minded and credit card-swiping consumers exist, evil companies with deceitful marketing schemes will lurk. Although I do not mean to be a wise guy, people who actually bought the Ipad1 ought to have thought the exact question I did, and come to the same conclusion. They ought to have thought to themselves, "this thing needs a camera, this is just a marketing scheme, haha, I will just wait 'till the one with the camera comes out, and then buy one." My fellow Apple lovers, although we do love Apple, we need to realize that the people at the helm of the company are probably greedy just like those running any other major corporation, and it is our job to keep them honest and upright. Not every product they release is a piece of gold, often times, it is a piece of junk. And we should NOT buy piece of trash products, but only pieces of gold. If Apple realizes this - that we only buy gold - then they will only produce gold, it is really that simple.

    Moral of the story: Ipad2 marks a sad day for both Apple and Apple lovers, let this day be mourned.

    P.S. the Author's comparison of Apple to a socialist is indeed quite moronic, I think i need not go into further detail on this matter.

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