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Thread: Uploading Pictures

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    Uploading Pictures
    Hello all & thanks for a great forum.

    I recently purchased the apple usb/card adapter for our Ipad, but every time I try to use it, it either says the device draws too much power,(the device being a universal card reader), or it does not even recognize when I plug in the adapter for the digital cameras card.

    What am I doing wrong here??

    Thanks again in advance.

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    Is this the Apple camera connection kit for the iPad that you're referring to? As it comes with two connectors, first make sure you're using the right one. Also, have you tried using it on another computer?

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    Yes it is the Apple connection kit. I haven't tried it (the connection kit) to another computer yet, as it just has the ipod style plug-in & wont plug directly into my Macbook.

    I've tried both connectors, one is basically a usb adapter. That is the one that says the device draws too much power. Strangely it did work when I first tried it. Now Im getting the too much power msg. Regardless of the state of charge in the ipad.

    The second connector is just for digital camera cards & isn't even recognized at all, even when I dry different cards from different cameras.

    Im stumped.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Ok. So how do any of you upload your pics onto your Ipad?

    Emailing them to yourself seems way too slow.


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    I think you are using it incorrectly. There are two connectors in the camera connect kit. One is an SD card reader. Self explanatory: you insert N SD card from your camera, if thats what it uses. The other is. USB connection to connect to your camera. It is not for connecting to a card reader.

    I don't know why it wouldn't work with your SD card. It works with all of mine. The USB connection works with my Canon SLR, Sony point-and-shoot, and my Kodak video cam. The only problem with the Kodak is that the ipad won't play videos from it... But I can still download them to the iPad.

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    There are many Apps you can use to send pictures to various places. Personally I use Flickr Stacker to upload to Flickr. Still - the slowness may be your network connection or if you are trying to do it over 3g it will probably be slow too.

    Here is some info from Apple about the error message you are getting
    iPad: Using iPad Camera Connector with unsupported USB devices

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    Good news for the OP: you're not crazy! The camera connector kit DID used to work differently than it does now!

    The change happened in iOS 4.2: Apple reduced the amount of power the CCK would supply. This was done to preserve the iPad's battery life, and also (possibly) to put a stop to Chinese knock-off accessories.

    The solution to the "problem" is to stop using a self-powered card reader and use your actual camera's USB port instead: the camera has its own power supply (the battery) so it will work fine.

    As for the SD card reader portion of the kit, it only works with SD cards.

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    Loading CF cards
    Not SDHC. Because there is inadequate power to operate a CF reader via the USB accessory in the camera kit you really have limited choices. I copy my CF images to an SDHC card and read them directly. You can also use an externally powered CF card reader or transfer them to an SDHC card through your MAC and then plug that into the Camera kit.

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