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    Question iPad Screen Scratches! Help!?
    So I take extremely awesome care of my iPad, but today while bending down to get it my keychain lanyard struck the screen and at first I hadnt noticed anything but just now I found 3 scratches! A long one like almost an inch, a circular one and a smaller one. How can I fix this!? I seriously cannot live with these scratches! Are there any homemade ways to remove, repair or minimize them? Will any screen protector cover and make them not noticeable? Anything at all? Replacing the screen is just way too expensive!

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    You are not going to get rid of the scratches completely. In the end it is still glass. Just because its Apple it isnt some magical new product.
    The best way i know to lessen them is to use toothpaste as a very very light abrasive/polish. Put a bit on your finger and rub it into the scratch. Rub across the scratch not down it as all you trying to do is take the roughness of it. Then once done give the whole screen a good cleanup/polish then put a Screen protector on it. and once that is done i think you would be hard to find them.
    I have used this method o few times to lessen scuffs/scratches on glass like surfaces or delicate paint scratches . . .

    Remember without replacing the screen you will never rid of the scratches. to rid them completely you will be doing more damage to the screen


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