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Thread: Copying DVDs to an iPad?

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    Copying DVDs to an iPad?
    We're in a market for an iPad and are hoping that it will double as a portable DVD player for our little daughter. I've found lots of software that will do this, but I can't really find any reviews for these I figured I'd ask a few questions:

    1. Is there a particular program that is generally the "go-to" program? I already have HandBrake & MacTheRipper installed on my computer. Are those easy enough to use?

    2. When you do get them into the iPad format, is it the complete DVD with the clickable menu...or is it strictly the movie (like watching an old VHS)?

    3. About how much space (in MB or GB) would one 2-hour movie formatted for the iPad take?


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    1. Generally the two you've already mentioned.

    2. Handbrake gives you the option to choose either. The extra features take up a LOT of extra space, so in most cases you'll probably just want the movie itself and save the "extras" for when you are watching the actual DVD.

    3. There's really no way to say specifically because movies aren't all uniform in length, plus there are factors that affect the encoding. VERY BROADLY speaking, a standard definition, 90-minute movie (just the movie) encoded to MP4 for iPad (720x480) should be around 1.2GB or thereabouts. YMMV.

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