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class77 12-19-2010 02:17 AM

Getting a iPad - Need some answers
My husband is getting me an iPad for Christmas. When the iPad 2 comes out, my husband is going to take the old iPad and let me get a new one. I've got a couple of questions I need an answer to please.

1)I have a Mac, my husband has a PC. If I initially sync my iPad to my Mac with all my information, will my husband have problems later syncing it to his PC? Is it possible to wipe out everything and have him start with a clean slate when he gets it(no pun intended) so he can sync his personal information(contact, calendars, mobile me,) etc .

2)If I purchase iPad apps on my Apple account they will not be available to my husband when he gets the iPad? He will have to purchase or repurchase the same apps, correct?

Are there any other possible problems I should be aware of before I get an iPad with the intention of passing it down to my husband that I haven't thought of?? TIA

macguy90 12-19-2010 02:51 AM

1.) Yes it is very much possible to fully erase all content & settings from the iPad.

2.) Yes, you are correct.

MacIt 12-19-2010 07:32 AM

As long as thee iPad your husband owns now is backed-up on itunes, when he purchases a new iPad REGISTER in his name in iTunes it will download all his apps clicking RESTORE on the new iPad.

If you were to buy an iPad and register it under your own name with a NEW itunes account, it will not restore/transfer/back-up your husband ipad.

A individual can have... i think... 5 iPads register in their iTunes account allowing duplicate Apps loaded on all 5 iPads.

RavingMac 12-19-2010 03:33 PM

If you share an iTunes account your husband will not have to repurchase APPs.

class77 12-19-2010 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by Razormac (Post 1155510)
If you share an iTunes account your husband will not have to repurchase APPs.

He's got an account of his own and has apps he's already using on his phone that I know he wants to transfer. I'm afraid sharing the account will just be too confusing because I'm such a Mac Newbie and he knows even less than me;D. I think that syncing of Outlook on his computer would be totally seperate from sharing the iTunes account, is that correct? He would have to wade thru all my music and videos/movie to get them off the iPad at least at first if he set it to my account. I'm really torn about what to do

Thanks for the suggestions. I really do appreciate it.

RavingMac 12-19-2010 05:34 PM

Not totally certain what your question is, but yes iTunes account is not the same as syncing to your Mac or PC. Just because you share an iTunes account you don't have to share iTunes libraries. My wife and I share an account but our iPads and iPhones have different music, photos and eBooks on them (videos too for that matter).
Account sharing really only applies to items purchased/downloaded through iTunes. If one of you has only a few items purchased he could (I believe) gift them to the other account and then share a single account where each can access what the other has without having to pay twice.

I am not aware of any benefit to maintaining two accounts unless you both have large numbers of purchases (enough to make the business of combining into one unwieldy).

class77 12-19-2010 05:53 PM

Thanks Razor. You've given me a bunch of stuff to think about. Maybe we don't need separate accounts for this.

calvarez 12-20-2010 12:39 AM

iTumes family sharing lets you share apps and media.

Weiser878 12-21-2010 12:28 AM

I"ll 3rd the notion that you don't need 2 different accounts.

You only have to sync the apps you want to your device (and he vice versa).

From personal experience, I can tell you its much more convenient to just have one account.

Plus, that way, if you pay for an app, you can have it on both devices after only paying once.
It gets to be frustrating to hand your iDevice over and say "Hi, honey, please enter your password so I can update these apps"

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