Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this but it was the closest I could find. It's a ridiculously superficial question.

I've ordered an iPad for my partner for Christmas. I bought it on Friday online (thank you Black Friday discount!) and got an email today saying it had been shipped but expected delivery date is the 19th of December (???). If it comes sooner, all the better. I live in central London so hopefully it does.

Anyway, I've asked for it to be engraved. Just a silly little phrase that means a lot to us. Does anyone know if it comes sealed like a regular iPad I'd buy over the counter or will it be open? The only reason I'm asking (did I mentions it's a ridiculous question?) is because I'm off to do some shopping tomorrow and would buy something to seal it up properly if it doesn't come that way. See, told you, ridiculous!

I bought an engraved iPod touch online by mistake (long story, don't ask) and it came sealed but their packaging is different to the iPad. I opened it before I put it on eBay and really liked the small engraving so I knew I wanted the iPad engraved. On a side note I made a 10 profit on the iPod when I sold it even with the engraving.

If you've made it this far without falling asleep, thank you! Any help would be hugely appreciated.

While I have your attention, does anyone know of must-have accessories she would need? I have already bought a case for it, a full zip one but would she need a skin for it as the case might be difficult to hold it in when she's using it. The zip case is really only for travel as she spends a lot of time on trains and planes. Are those dockable keyboards any good? Would she need a dock? I've bought a fairly decent value of gift cards for the App store already.

Now off I go to think of ways to wrap it for Christmas morning so the shape won't give it away when it's under the tree.....