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    I need some iPad Mac help
    Okay, here is the deal, I bought my iPad the day it came out so I've had it for a bit. I was able to transfer all my music, photos from my Mac to my iPad well the mac's hard drive died on me so I loss all my music photos pretty much everything I ever had was gone, I was lucky to have all my photo's on my iPad along with the music. Once I got my mac up and running again I tried to sync them together and it wouldn't let me sync unless I wanted to wipe the iPad clean which I don't wanna do.

    Is there something floating around out there that I can get all my stuff off my iPad onto the mac or am I just screwed and going to have to clear my ipad to make it sync?

    i am leaving for Russia, I won't be able to talk to check this so if you got a answer for me email me here please

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    Posting and asking someone to email you their reply is not the way these forums work. When you post a question here, you're expected to return for the answer.

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