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    Attaching an iPad with a cable?
    I'm going to put an iPad in the lobby of my waiting room. So clients can play with it while they're waiting.

    What do you think is the best way of attaching it?

    Hope I'm in the right section, it is kind of a hardware

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    Are you talking about a security cable? I am not sure such a thing exists to secure an ipad from being removed from where ever you have it placed. You are probably better off creating sometime of desk for it where the display is readily available for clients to use but not so that can pick it up.

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    Bad idea, kiss that baby good bye
    Get a little cheap netbook for the kids to play with, one that uses a cable lock from Kensington or elsewhere

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    Lost, what about having people "check out" the iPad to use it. Let them know that they will be charged for the iPad if they are the last people to use it. Would be much nicer than chaining it to a chair or something
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