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    Word and/or Excel for iPad
    I want to buy the iPad, and who are we kidding, I probably will anyway, but I would really like to be able to do work on it, which means using Excel and Word. I know there are a couple apps in the iTunes store that are 'comparable', but I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about word or excel ever coming to iPad?

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    Haven't heard about it yet, though they would make a killing offering it. Considering they sell an office version for mac and people buy it, I'm not sure why they don't feel like making more money. One solution a lot of businesses use would be a remote viewer app. There are free ones and paid apps (I personally like team viewer). You can use these to remote into your computer and just use word or excel on the computer via the remote access from your iPad. Several people I've talked to do this to basically carry their office with them. Might be a good option.

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    I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

    The iWork suite for the iPad does a pretty good job as productivity apps.

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    DocsToGo is fully compatible with the MS office suite. You can synch through any of the cloud storage sites like or Apple's Site.

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    Word/Excel will NEVER come to the iPad...but iWork is great =]
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    Try Google Docs
    Criminey, I'm with you. I love the Office stuff, but am learning to use iWorks. Have you ever gotten on the free Google Docs? What's nice about it is that you can work on a document and enable whomever you want to also have access to it. Students working in groups love it because many from all over the world can have input into the same document. Just go to, and at the top of the page you should see the word "Docs." If not, click on the word, "More" and scroll down until you see "Docs." Good luck. JB

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