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Thread: Dent in my ipad?

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    Dent in my ipad?
    Hi guys,

    I have had my ipad for ages now, since release date and have always kept it so clean, and when its not in use I keep it in it's charging dock, so I went to take out my ipad yesterday, looked at the back of it, and there is quite a large circle dent, it's more a half way circle, like a cup has been hit on to it.

    It's really strange because I never even put it on the tablet without a cover on it, how the heck could it of happened? could it be something to do with the battery or something?

    And, if I took it to the apple shop, would they replace the back of it for me? or what.

    It's a real pain, everytime I use my ipad I feel this dent on the back of it, after I've kept it in top con all this time :/

    Thanks in advanced.

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    ??? A raised area - could be a swollen battery. A dent - not the battery. I personally wouldn't do a thing for a dent and I don't believe they will either. But, I'm not Apple and they've surprised me before. My motto with Apple, "It never hurts to ask". Seen them do some pretty amazing things on the customer support side. The worst that happens, they say no.
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    Thanks for your response, yeah, the area is a dent, not really raised or anything. I basically went out today and bought a skin for it, just to prevent from the future,

    I suspect that it must of been a dent some how I didn't relize, The apple case which has the flap thing isn't very good to prevent dents, I always put it in that if I take it away and it seems that it might of been hit by something, and the apple case hasn't really provided much protection.


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