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    Consolidating Icons on the iPad
    Can I set up a "blank" icon named "Travel" and then put hotel, airplane and rental car icons INTO it? It sure will save a lot of searching on the iPad. If this is possible, please explain how I can do it.

    If this is possible, can I also do it on the iPhone as well?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You mean the folders feature. You can do it on the iphone with 4.0 and upwards software but not yet on the ipad. Its supposed to be in the next software update releasing on the 24th.

    When you have it simply drag apps on top of each other and it will create a folder which you can then rename.

    A word of warning though if you have a 3g iphone and haven't updated the software then don't do it. 4.0 software doesn't work properly on the 3g phones and can reduce them to unusable in terms of speed.

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    Also handy is once you've created a folder, you can move those Apps around in any order you prefer. The default is just sequentially by date/time added.
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    I also find it easier to move them within itunes and then sync the phone/ipad.

    Its much easier than dragging and dropping them on the device.

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