this is basicly a suggestion or an idea. i love my ipad... i never turn on my computer again. but when i finally got it jailbroken and had snes (hd) on it with my ipod touch 2g as a controller i just had a simple question.

is it possible to use the ipod touch as a remote control for the ipad using bluetooth? just like you set your ipad in a dock in your room and control it with your ipod touch when you are in your bed? this would be really great. imo i think you can make this happen! as i saw snes hd doing this in a very easy way. it must be possible to do this.

here is my basic idea: you click on youtube on your ipod touch. and your ipad will do the same thing. leave your ipod touch somewhere and watch your ipad in the distance

so here is basicly my point
is this already done or did i just made an awesome idea?

don't blame me for my english plz!