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    .mov & .mp4 video files "cannot be played on this iPad."
    I created a video file in After Effects, but can't get it sync'd to my iPad. Here's the error I'm getting when I sync:

    "Some of the videos in your iTunes library, including the video "x", were not copied to the iPad "x" because they cannot be played on this iPad."

    Here's info on two failed attempts. Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks!

    Kind: QuickTime Movie
    Size: 6.92 gb
    Dimensions: 1290x720
    Codecs: Animation, Linear PCM, Timecode
    Duration: 04:50
    Audio channels: 2
    Total bit rate: 190,854

    Kind: MPEG-4 movie
    Size: 105.2 mb
    Dimensions: 1920x1080
    Codecs: H.264, AAC
    Duration: 04:50
    Audio channels: 2
    Total bit rate: 2,892

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    yeah- After Effects and Quicktime usually don't play nice (at least for me). Use Handbrake (HandBrake) to convert the video to the preset "Normal". This will encode it to an iPad friendly format

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    To be a bit more specific: the QT movie is using the wrong codec and is the wrong resolution (and bitrate), and the MP4 file is the wrong resolution. iTunes only supports video resolutions up to 720p, which is 1280x720.

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