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Thread: IPad Battery Defective?

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    IPad Battery Defective?
    I just bought an IPad (WiFi+3G) on Friday and I think my battery could be defective. One of the great things that I heard about the Ipad is battery life, but my battery continues to drain when in standby mode. When I turn if off, I just set it on standby (just push the button on the top once) like I did last night, the battery drained from about 80% to when I went to bed last night to 65% when I woke up 7 or 8 hours later.

    I tried to make the settings as efficient as I thought I could. Besides keeping Wi-Fi on (could this be the reason that it is draining when its on Standby, which does not make sense that I need to continually turn on and off Wi-Fi when I need it). I have set notifications off, cellular data off, push off and fetch email manually.

    I have already taken it to the Apple Store and an employee told me that I need to actually need to power it down (completely shut it off) everytime, which does make much sense especially for an Apple Product (I dont need to do this with my Ipod Touch or Macbook). However, one of my friends with an Ipad said that he is not experiencing this issue, which leads me to believe that something could be wrong with my battery and I need to go speak with another Apple Employee.


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    Take it on back to the Apple store and speak with another genius if you feel the battery is not giving you the service it should.

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    Can someone else that owns an Ipad let me know if their battery drains when it is on standby? Thanks

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    No, I have never noticed a significant difference when leaving it in standby for a few hours. Have it checked.
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    I would suggest using it for a week, draining and charging it a few times prior to taking it in. But no, there shouldn't be significant draining while in standby during the night. I see between 0-2% max change while it's left in standby overnight or the 10-13 hours while I'm off at work.

    That apple employee is full of baloney and you can tell him/her I said so. I hate those semi-techs that just make up stuff to explain away problems. My iPad hasn't been powered down except for updates and a few freezes caused by the first couple of iterations of Netflix since I bought it, 20th in line the day it was released.
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