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    iPad won't sync to computer or charge through power adapter
    i have a 16gb wifi jailbroken ipad and it won't sync to my computer. the computer doesn't even recognize that anything is plugged in. its not the computer or the usb cable because my iphone works fine. i tried to charge my ipad with the usb cable plugged in to the power adapter that came with the ipad but it doesn't charge either. every once in a while, when plugged in to power adapter it will say "not charging." i would take it to the apple store but i can't since its jailbroken. i tried to reset (sleep/wake and home until apple logo shows, then releasing sleep/wake button). that didn't help. the usb and itunes logo appeared but my computer still wouldn't recognize that anything is plugged in. can anyone help? Thanks.

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    This might be a bit extreme, but could be worth it.

    Go to Settings---> reset---> erase all.

    This should delete everything from your iPad I think. Then try syncing. If that doesn't work you might wanna call apple and chat with them over the phone.

    Let us know if that helps.

    Cheers and good luck.


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    Did you lose the ability to synch immediately after jailbraking or sometime later?
    If it was later you might try jailbraking it again, then if iTunes recognizes it doing a restore.
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    Not jail broken exact same problem

    I have the same issue.

    It started about 3 days ago I've had it for over a month. It's got the most up to date firmware and about 8 pages of apps. It's not jail broken.

    Windows can't see it. The sd card connection won't work. The keyboard connection works. To charge it I need to power it off and use wall charger.

    And can't sync obviously

    Did you get anywhere with it?

    Any cable plugged in is completely unresponsive


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    Bad news
    Called the service centre with this problem. They asked me to turn off the iPad and try plugging it into the computer holding the home button. After that did not work it was just send it back as it's a faulty port on the iPad.


    At least the replacement and pick up is free.

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