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Thread: Ipad and Imac

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    Ipad and Imac
    Is the Ipad able to sync with my Imac without mobile me???? If so how??? thanks

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    You should be able to sync your iPad through iTunes which should already be installed on your iMac. What exactly are you trying to sync?


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    It syncs the same way iPods and iPhones do: pretty much automatically through iTunes. I don't have MobileMe but I think what it offers is mobile syncing, a la syncing through wifi or 3G when away from your computer.

    Unless that's what you meant by "sync". The two systems sharing files wirelessly?

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    It's iPad and iMac. To sync the iPad to your iMac, pull out the cable that came with the iPad and plug it into both machines. It should auto open up iTunes. If not, open it and sync from there. It might help you to do a little reading first. You can check out the iPad manual here.
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    If you sync like this, does it mean all emails and photos will go onto both Imac and Ipad, notwithstanding which one they were put onto in the first place?

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