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    Does the iPad cause eyestrain?
    I just wanted to know if there is any evidence that claims that the iPad causes significant eyestrain over the other e-readers out there. On another message board a poster keeps making claims that the iPad is the worst in comparison to the Nook and Kindle when reading in extended periods of time.

    I understand that some people are more prone to this than others, but I want to know if this is purely conjecture or if there is any facts to back up this person's claim.
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    Do you get eye strain while looking at a glossy screen? It all comes down to the person. Someone may get sick from eating sushi, but there are plenty of others who love sushi.

    I would try it out but chances are if you like your computer screen, you will like the iPad screen.

    I have not read anywhere about this, but e-readers have been known to cause eye strain (as is staring at anything too long!).

    Take a look at this article. Click here.

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    I haven't experienced any of the so-called eye strain issues and I use my iPad quite a bit for reading although not for extremely long periods at a time.

    Although the screen uses a different technology than the dedicated eBook readers that are supposedly easier on the eyes, the overall advantages of an iPad over that of a dedicated reader made it a no-brainer for me!

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    Because the fonts can be adjusted so easily, I don't buy into the argument that the iPad causes any significant eyestrain. I've been staring at computer screens for decades now, most of which have been considerably worse than what the iPad uses, with no ill effects that I can detect -- my eyesight is getting poorer, but for entirely other reasons and nothing out of normal range for my age.

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    I can not detect any strain and actually enjoy reading a chapter or two. since you have the ability to
    check or do other things on it.

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    Why not go to the Apple store, or where ever other place that sells Apple products and test for yourself?

    Everyone is different.

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    I should add that *actual* eyestrain is pretty easy to spot: your eyes water or you have trouble focusing at distances that would normally be clear.

    As I say, I've been staring at computer monitors far FAR more than even your average geek since the late 80s, and while I'm sure this has contributed to the normal deterioration of my eyesight, I don't think it's been a bigger factor than age.

    People's eyes change shape over time, whether you're staring at a computer or the moon. This can sometimes have dramatic results, but the term "eyestrain" as often bandied about in iPad threads and elsewhere is really inaccurate and used as hyperbole rather than seriously.

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    IME the eyestrain claim is bunk, at least for my eyeballs.

    I do like the "electronic paper" screens on the Kindle, Sony etc., but the trade-off - they are strictly for text and blow for images, even B&W images - isn't worth it.

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    I have not used an iPad much as a reader as I don't own one at the moment due to Financial reasons, but...

    I have looked only a short time at the Kindle, the model maybe 6 months ago and it bugged my eyes. I have done quite a bit with the ipad in stores and never noticed my eyes straining. I have a close friend who is an avid book reader and he has excellent eyes. He hates the Kindle screen and said it bothered his eyes. He is not a lover of anything Apple, but was impressed at the screen on the iPad, both with the internet and with books.

    Like it's been said, different people maybe different, so go try one out at maybe an Apple store where you can open a book and spend some time and see for yourself.

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    My wife used a Kindle for the past year and a half until she switched to her iPad. She reads for hours and hours at a time and she's never complained of any eye strain with the iPad or told me it was any worse than the Kindle. And trust me, she would have told me if she did!

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    My iPad is my primary platform for reading, hardly ever read ink on paper anymore and I have had "zero" problem with eyestrain. I have bifocals and my base prescription is -8.00 diopter, so it isn't as if my eyes are all that great to begin with.
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