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Thread: Itunes keeps droping my Ipad..Help

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    Itunes keeps droping my Ipad..Help

    Hope someone can help... everytime I want to syncy Iphoto's via Itunes with my Ipad, I have to re-download and reinstall I-Tunes for it to show my I-Pad... hope this is making sense, but after a day, when I plug my I-Pad back into I-tunes, nothing happens.... it won't show up at all... very frustrating... anyone else having this problem... my Mac is about 2-3yrs old but is running the latest OS...


    And thanks...

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    Did you try a different cable or USB port just to rule out a bad connection?

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    Yes, I use the same cable once I have reloaded i-Tunes and it works just fine... next day, I have to do it all over again.... re down load i-tunes in order for my i-Pad to show up in i-Tunes... really a PITA...



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    Is it possible that you don't actually have iTunes (<--correct spelling btw) in your Applications folder and you're running it off a disk image? That would explain a lot ...

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