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    iCal will not sync with iPad
    Up until the other day everything was working fine. I have a Mobile Me account and have my data synced with my desktop laptop iPhone and iPad. Then all of a sudden iCal would no longer sync on my iPad. Works fine on all the other devices.

    I deleted my account from my iPad and added it again (several times) did a restore from previous backup, then a restore as a new device and nothing. It will just not sync my calendar.

    Contacts, email, etc show up on the iPad just fine, just not the calendar.

    Yes the calendar is checked in the sync field.

    I have even removed the mobile me account from the other devices and started fresh and still nothing.

    The only thing I can think of is it seems to have started shortly after I accepted the beta of the new Mobile Me.

    Anyone else having any issues with this and found a resolution? iCal is one of the main functions I use my iPad for.

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    There's a function in iTunes -- scroll way down the "Info" tab when you have the iPad connected -- that says something like "force sync to this computer."

    Hang on -- now I've gotta go look at it -- ah here we go:

    "Replace Information on this {iphone/ipod/ipod touch/ipad}" -> Calendars

    This is a one-way (computer to device) force sync.

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    You have to add a caldav account to your iPad to use the beta calendar. Here are the instructions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyyton View Post
    You have to add a caldav account to your iPad to use the beta calendar. Here are the instructions.
    Yep if you signed up for the MobileMe Calendar beta, you need to follow the instructions that they provided, otherwise it won't work.
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    Good call guys. I totally missed that connection. See, I come here to learn stuff too!

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    Awesome guys, thanks for the help. I just switched back to the non beta and it fixed everything.

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