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    No service - ipad questions?
    I am relatively new to the ipad-- I got it late May, and activated it with AT&T June 7th. It automatically renewed July 7th.... It worked great at home, and then we left for vacation to an area where my cell phone (verizon) doesn't work very well, but had an E ATT signal until a couple of days ago; and then I got the great message "NO SERVICE". We're in an area with no ATT offices... so took it to another city where I had also had ATT E service about 2 weeks ago; but today, also "NO SERVICE". We returned to the campground (has wifi); looked to make sure that ATT was still 'active' and have paid until Aug 6th....

    So, don't understand what is going on. Is this like satellite TV which has to 'hit' the receiver periodically? Any suggestions? Thanks, G.

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    Go to the Settings icon.

    General tab.

    RESET is at the bottom. Open the Reset menu.

    This ONLY resets your network settings, not your data. If you had a wifi network saved, you'll have to re-establish that.

    You will be prompted to enter your passcode. (I have my iPad set to lock and ask for this. not sure if you use a passcode or not.)

    The screen will go black and the white apple will appear.

    Finally, the iPad will come back to the home screen or ask for your passcode again.

    I find sometimes, I have reset the network settings twice to establish the 3G connection. I find I have to do this when I've been in "Airplane" mode for a while. My iPad is 3G all the time. I have WiFi disabled. I also only do this when I know I am in a known 3G area.

    Hope that helps.

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    Talking Thank you!
    Thank you Vroomer. That worked! Now sitting on the side of a mountain able to use my iPad! So far, very happy with the ipad and with Apple. After fighting PC's for so many years, am really enjoying Apple products; and plan to switch to an Apple phone as soon as my contract is over.... current phone has Windows operating system... big mistake!

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    thank you

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