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Thread: i want an ipad but couple questions...

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    i want an ipad but couple questions...
    i have been holding out on an ipad because i hate at&t's service in my area and i would like a 3g model. i really do like the pay for 3g as you need it because i am usually around wifi but would like the 3g when i travel. i dont know anyone with an ipad yet and was curious about 3g performance? also, has anyone heard rumors of a new ipad with webcam? i just saw on engadget that verizon has a 4g sim coming & will that work on an ipad?

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    If you want one - buy one. If you want a web cam you might be waiting around for quite some time. As far as the Verizon thing goes? Might be breaking the rules here and either way it would be a royal pain. I am not a huge fan of AT&T and their 3G network, but it would more than likely work fine for you (minus all the other headaches of trying to get it to work on some other network).

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