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    iPad Screen Completely Distorted / Scrambled
    Hey all,

    Have a major issue with my iPad. I believe too much pressure was applied to the screen and the display panel is completely distorted. As you can see from the pic, it's pretty much un-usable.

    (note- the picture does not have a reflection on it, the display is really half white/half black).

    Has this happened to anyone else. Will Apple fix it?
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    Why do you believe too much pressure was applied to it? What information are you not divulging?

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    Looks like a cracked LCD to me.

    I'm willing to bet they will call it abuse and deny any warranty coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davanw View Post
    Looks like a cracked LCD to me.

    I'm willing to bet they will call it abuse and deny any warranty coverage.

    I was thinking the same thing. If they determine the problem was caused by abuse, it's highly doubtful they will repair it under warranty.

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    That ipad must of been dropped or sat on, takes alot for that effect to happen, remember when Will it Blend on youtube blended an iPad? well he beat it against the counter and it was still on so it must of received direct pressure to screen... Bad news is i dont see you getting a return or Exchange.... good news is apple will prob charge you 200-300 for a new LCD screen...

    Looks like someone was sitting on it... I know someone who left it on the couch and someone sat on it and sort of same happend and the guy who sat got up super fast and still... so

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    One thing about the iPad...I can see it being easier to drop (or slip out of your hands) than a laptop!

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    Not if ur smart enuf to carry it the right way

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    CAN they fix it? Absolutely.

    Will they fix it for free? Absolutely not.

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