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    I have purchased a legal copy of Avatar from itunes and have synced this to my ipad from my imac. When trying to project the film, the ipad is saying I am unable to do so as I am not permitted to do this. Why is this when I have legal copy and version of Avatar?

    Can anyone please help me.



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    I don't have an iPad but it's probably because DRM prevents it as the projector is "seen" as another device or computer. If you had instead purchased the DVD (actual disk) of Avatar you should be able to project it from your Mac or iPad. We have a Dell projector and quite often project movies we purchased but they're on disk and not purchased from the iTunes store.

    Perhaps someone else on here can show you a way (if there is one) to legalize your downloaded copy of Avatar so it can be projected.


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    It's complicated, but basically what's going on is that movies won't play on a secondary display. There's no fix for this, as this is what was intended. Don't blame iTunes or Apple though -- you can thank the MPAA for this nonsense.

    If you'd hooked a projector to a Mac Mini or an AppleTV, it would play fine since those devices don't have a primary display. But not via an iPad.

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