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    How long for more video?
    Been using the iPad for 2 weeks now. A lot better than expected, especially productivity-wise.

    One thing that bugs me a bit though is that a lot of videos I can't watch. I was expecting it to be a minor hassle, but since I can't watch most of my fav sites, it's more than that.

    Has what Steve Jobs been saying (dev/web sites will start programming in other technology - html5, I've heard) reality or fiction? If the former is true, does anyone have a crystal ball/knowledge and know how long it might take?


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    Depends on which sites you're talking about. Some sites will most likely never be updated, as they aren't big enough or don't care enough to adapt. For example, my anime streaming still needs to be done on my Mac. As does my streaming of many television shows.

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    Most of the major "streaming video" sites -- YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, DailyMotion, -- offer an HTML 5 option. YouTube of course has an app already on the iPad, and Hulu and Netflix are also available as Apps.

    So to answer your second question, the change is already happening. Even the porn industry (which I'm *sure* you weren't referring to ) is starting to make the switch. These things don't happen quickly, but its well underway already.

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    I honestly am having very little trouble watching any online videos, including all the networks, news sites only, and all the places chas_m has mentioned.

    Where are you going that you're finding all these videos that you can't watch?
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    Canadian national/local news, espn blogs, and several business and teaching sites. Live streaming sites such as Veetle has 1/20th of what's available on my laptop.

    Everything I do is 'mainstream'. I don't play games, and not necessarily a big consumer a video-only sites (youtube). Usually, the video is embedded in a story, and I don't expect to be able to watch it on the Pad anymore.

    Seriously, can't believe people don't miss Flash more.

    Love the iPad and MAC btw, but ... And remember, I'm 90-95% satisfied with the iPad.

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