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    Speakers for iPad
    I am looking for good bluetooth speakers for my iPad.. Not too big, but just regular size and I want good bass... Something stylish too.. Maybe silver?! Not too expensive either.. Any ideas?!

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    you're kidding re Bose, right?

    Don't look like bose

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanuckBoater View Post

    you're kidding re Bose, right?

    Don't look like bose

    That's an understatement...

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    I have these speakers... X-Mini and they are amazing... 12 hour battery life, charges via USB and you can link as many of them together as you like! A bargain at $30 (£15 as I paid for in UK) They come in black, white & red!

    There have been a few upgrades since haven't tried them but upgrades to this bit of kit will be amazing...


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