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    Ipad/phone photo compression?

    I am planning to get an ipad Monday and need to decide on memory size.

    I have a 16gb iphone an this just about holds all my photos/music.

    Does the ipad use the same compression? I will not need music so 16gb might do if it is the same.


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    But how much free space is left on your iPhone or is it completely full? If you are pretty much at capacity, I would get the 32gb iPad and not have to worry about adding more photos in the future.

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    In my opinion, a 16GB iPhone 4 and 16GB iPad are plenty as far as storage capacity goes. If you can comfortably fit everything on your current 16GB iPhone by making some "library sacrifices", I say go for it. No reason to spend money on a 32GB iPad that you probably don't need.
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    I seriously think of buying iPad but I wanna ask those having experience with it Can iPad use to make phone call? I mean can I use it as a mobile?


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    I've never quite understood the mentality of trying to fit every bit of music/video/photos etc one owns onto a mobile device. Its a losing game, surely -- you'll eventually fill up the device at a far faster rate than they'll make ever-larger storage capacity iPads.

    I tend to put what I think of as a week's worth of music and a weekend's worth of video on portable devices, and set up a smart playlist to automatically freshen that whenever I sync (which I have to do periodically to charge and update the device anyway). Simple, quick and I never have to worry about it.

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