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    Hi everyone, i'm brand new to this forum and apologize if this question was already posted previously. I ordered an iPad on may 30th and it's currently in transit. I read that AT&T has stopped their unlimited 3G plans but have extended thier offer to grandfather into the service if you've ORDERED the iPad prior to June 6th. My question is when i recieve the ipad later in the week and go to set up the service, will it automatically know and prompt me with the unlimited plan? will i have to call AT&T to set up the grandfathered service? Is this offer still in effect or am i just out of luck? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    I would suggest calling AT&T Ill bet they have the answer to your question.


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    From what I have been told today from someone on that forum, you will be able to get the unlimited data plan if you have ordered the iPad before 6/7.

    It's heat happened to me: I ordered it a month ago and got it this morning. I was able to get the unlimited plan :-)

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