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Thread: annoyed with signing up with 3G service

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    annoyed with signing up with 3G service
    I got my iPad 3G few days ago, i didn't start up with 3G service till i wanted it today.

    I signed up and used a pre-paid visa (one of those gift visas) i don't have a physical credit card atm.

    FOUR times trying to get 3G service and it fails each time, i follow instructions on the web about it and still fails. I dunno what to do i'm just frustrated.
    My provider is Rogers and really its getting me annoyed, should i call them ?

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    Call them. Your paying for this service you should be able to use it.

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    Not sure if this is the problem but when I tried to get my iPad to work in 3G, I had problems with it.

    I called Orange and eventually it was fixed when I went into Settings, Reset and then reset the Network.

    Since then it has worked.

    Worth a try - hope it works for you too

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    resolved. Rogers just hates pre-paid gift visas, i'll be getting a re-loadable visa soon to try out.

    Apple support rules and provider support sucks.

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