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Thread: iPad education questions

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    iPad education questions
    Hi All,

    First post so please be gentle....

    I work for a College in Nottingham, UK.

    We are investigating the possibility of using the iPad at the College in several ways:

    1) Teachers - connecting wirelessly to the VLE (virtual learning enviroment - our own internal cloud).

    2) Learners - connecting wirelessly to the VLE (virtual learning enviroment - our own internal cloud).

    3) Accessing other on-line resources, google etc. (after connecting to the College Wi-Fi infrastructure).

    4) Using apps which are suitable for learners.

    So my questions are!!!

    1) DPA (Data Protection Act) - Can we add something to the iPad that will demand a 'login' each time it is used and therefore meet DPA requirements?

    2) Can the iPad import and edit documents e.g. word, excel and photographs.

    3) Does/can the iPad support other browsers other than Safari.

    4) Is there any other method for exporting documents other than e-mail.

    Thanks in advance


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    1. There is no accounts like on OS X. You can't just log into the ipad as the user you want to be like you can on OS X. iOS4 might have this feature though. So I'd be researching that if I were you.

    2. Yes to everything you asked there.

    3. Yes. There us Opera mini for the ipad. And I'm sure other web browsers will come. Mind you my advice is at the moment just stick to Safari on the ipad. As I think it's the best ipad browser at the moment.

    4. Pages for iPad: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    And from that link click on "How do I share documents from Pages?"
    That's how you can export documents from pages. Using other ipad apps I dunno. Someone else will know I'm sure.

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    As far as the login question goes, you can enable the locking mode and have to enter a PIN at startup or awakening from sleep (this is done with the Settings APP). But, the current device/OS does not have multiple account logins.

    On the other hand, you could use the iPad as a VTC with an application like Logmein Ignition to access your network through a desktop pc. I have not done anything with this other than accessing my local machine (Mac Mini) using Touchpad APP so I don't have any experience using the iPad this way.

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    Biggest problem I see for educators is lack of flash support. So many of the existing multimedia training options online are done in flash and I don't see a lot of them rewriting their systems in HTML5 anytime soon. It would be a HUGE expense for most of them. Also, the iPad doesn't have much in the way of authoring packages other than Keynote. Once a Windows-based tablet comes out, the number of options for education will skyrocket overnight.

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