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    Average Battery Use?
    Please bear with me... I know nothing about the iPad. Yet <G>

    I'm thinking about buying an iPad but my primary reason is Wi-Fi use, not 3G. I'm also retired and on a fixed income.

    How much battery power time are you folks seeing with your iPads? Does the iPad's memory have an effect on battery drain or just Wi-Fi usage time? 3G? I'm looking at using it at Wi-Fi spots around town (Starbucks, Borders, etc.) reading periodicals, email, etc.

    The jury's still out whether or not I would need 3G. Of course, I could buy a 3G unit and decide later if I want the data plan. Is that my "safest" avenue?

    Also, do you use yours on battery power until it reaches 10% or another level before a full charging?

    All comments are welcome. Thanks in advance for your help and indulgence.

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    Hi 10-11hours on wifi with it connected all day is what I have been getting.
    I charge if i am done with it for the night can be 22 to 60 percent.

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    I seem to drain power at a bit over 10% per hour when I'm using it.

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    I can get 10-11 hours also, I have talked too and read about others getting much more than 10 hours of battery life, For all the iPad's shortcomings one thing Apple did right was the battery life.

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    I have never used the ipad for more than 4 hours straight, so I can't say that it last 10 hours, but I will say that I charge my ipad, at most, once a week! It amazes me at how you guys know that your ipad last 10-11 hours! Are you seriously using it non-stop for that long?? I use it for quick things, like quickly checking emails, news updates, and such, where turning on my mbp, even though it's fast, would still take up more time. As of right now, the last time I charged my ipad completely was more than a week ago(last friday), and the battery life is at 74%. I played a game for about 30 minutes today too!

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    I put quite a bit of use on my iPad, and it is always connected to WiFi, I get any where between 11-12 hours.

    I don't use it continuously non stop for that long, but I use it heavily through out the day. I plug it in every night when I am done with it, and at that time it shows about 10-15% battery level.

    Good luck hope that helped.


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    Quote Originally Posted by spad View Post
    I seem to drain power at a bit over 10% per hour when I'm using it.
    This is what I'm getting too.

    Original poster: this is 10% per hour of solid 'screen on' use, not just when in standby. These things will run and run.

    I've heard that using 3G (having your cellular data turned on) will decrease life faster, so just make sure it's always off until you need it.

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    I charged mine last night, woke up to 100%. After exactly one hour use, it is at 86%. Wi-fi on, some app store searching, lots of web browsing and even 15/20 minutes of remote desktop app usage. It's too early for me to do the math, but maybe someone can tell you how many hours/minutes that'll get you with a full charge.
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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    i think that i use about 10 percent an hour also
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    I have to charge, at most, every couple of days. Battery life is great.

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