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Thread: Sync Mail between iPad and Macbook

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    Sync Mail between iPad and Macbook
    Scenario - Macbook is powered down. E-mail comes in and is read on the iPad with the mail app. Put the iPad down and 15 minutes later (or so) power up the Macbook. I want to see the message as read on the laptop. Possible with the default Apple mail applications? Maybe from my ISP?

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    Check with your ISP to see if they allow accessing your account using IMap rather than PoP. GMail can be set to IMap along with several other providers.


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    chscag - Thanks for the imap tip. I'll see if my provider supports.
    Rob - Not a fan of MobileMe...yet!

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    Like chscag said - you need IMAP. This is really the best way to use email if you're using multiple devices. Personally, I prefer Gmail - it's free and works well. All my devices like Mail App on MBP, iPhone and iPad are always synchronized, all done on the server end at gmail - you don't need to do anything on your end except set up the mail account(s) on the devices.

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