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    How can I deal with Safari download problem?
    Whenever I tried to download a file by the Safar, I got the following problem "Safari can't download this file". Would you please help me how can I deal and solve this problem?

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    Have you installed a download manager recently? Download issues can be caused by improper uninstallation of download managers. If you have, reinstall it and uninstall it following either the uninstallation instructions or by using the included uninstaller.
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    Can you please give us more info. First what model Mac is this? What version of OSX are you running and what version of Safari do you have? You can get the specs and version of OSX by clicking on the Apple in the top left corner of the screen and on About This Mac. You can click on Safari in the bar up top and on About Safari.

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    Since this is in the iPad section of the forum I suspect the answers to previous question are self explanatory(unless the thread was misplaced).

    Have you gotten the plugin for mobile safari to allow unsupported file types downloads? Also you should be getting the same message if you are trying to view a page with flash, are you getting that?

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