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Thread: Switching iPads

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    Switching iPads
    Hello friends,

    I have currently an 16GO Wifi only iPad and I'm gonna sell tis one and buy a 3G one. I started to kiss the 3G after one day using this one :-)

    I was wondering if, once I have backed up and restored the one I have now (I'm going to sell it locally so I want it to be virgin lol), I will be able to transfer my previous apps and all documents onto the new iPad once it is connected to iTunes? Does anyone have an idea if this is possible and how to do it?

    Many thanks!


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    On your computer that you Sync the iPad to, go to:

    iTunes ---> Preferences---> click on Devices on the top pancetta of the preferences window.

    There you should see the list of backed up devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad... etc)

    When you connect your new 3G iPad it will prompt you to restore it from the previous backed up iPad data.

    When I connected my new iPad 3G the first time it prompted me to restore the back up from my iPhone. So technically it should do the same with you.

    Hope that helps. Good luck.


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    Worst case scenario, all your apps will sync to the new iPad just fine but you'll have to transfer all the documents again

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    Alrighty thanks guys :-)

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