Hello All,

I finally gotten my iPad 3G on Saturday and I love it.

I have noticed something bizarre recently though that may be some one can shine some light on it!

At my desk, I have 1 19" LCD Monitor, and 2 Laptops (Dell) a wireless (IR) mouse connected to one of them, as well as my Bluetooth Headphones.

Before I turned on the 2nd computer and connected the BT Headphones I was getting online through my iPad on WiFi with no issues what so ever. As soon as I hooked up the BT it went nuts. It still shows that it is connected to the WiFi but its not able to connect to anything at all.

Not sure if it matters, but BT is turned off on the iPad...

oh, also on my desk is a blackberry, wired keyboad, wired trackball (I don't think those would cause any interference but just to give you the full picture)

Anyone seen anything close to this before with their iPads?